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Born in 1985, I am a child of the 90's and early 00's where the digitalisation really took off. When I was little I liked to draw and paint, but I was also very much into playing computer games, figuring out the internet and creating my own digital music and drawing digital. I still love learning new digital tools and continue to adapt to programmes that can help to expand my skills.

After my graduation in 2008 at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, I worked for a variety of different brands, from womenswear to menswear to accessories, casual to formal, from large international names like H&M and Calvin Klein to smaller local brands such as Shiwi and Sandwich. This gave me a lot of experience and made me a very allround designer. 


However, something was not right for me. That was the lack of responsible producing and sourcing of garments that the industry has. So much overproducing, polluting treatments, a lack of care for the people that actually sew the garments and so on. We got disconnected from the materials that surround us, quantity over quality. 

By discovering a new way of working, supporting physical garment production with 3D design, and simply creating garments and accessories in 3D to be worn in the digital world, I could make peace with working in fashion again and regained the energy that I once had when I wanted to become a fashion designer. I want to contribute to healing the fashion industry, not adding to its pollution. 

I work and live in the Amsterdam area in The Netherlands, where I have a fantastic creative studio space in my backyard. 


I want to contribute to healing fashion

Services & skills

I can help your brand out with trend research, brand development, placed graphics, all over prints, technical drawings, digital 3D design, showroom visualisation and design of apparel, accessories and shoes.

I make use of digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Procreate, CLO3D and MidjourneyAI. 

I am fluent in  Dutch, English and Swedish, and have a basic understanding of French and Italian. 


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