I have worked as a fashion designer since 2008. Over the years I gained experience in many different fields in the fashion industry. 

Working in fashion made me realise it is a very polluting and unfair industry. Oftentimes workers are treated poorly, resources are abused and items get developed and produced in a wasteful and polluting way. 

I aim to design for a circular economy where waste is used as a resource for new items and where garments last longer. Even though you would expect the fashion industry to be on the forefront of the evolution into creating in a cleaner way, I experience a lot of friction when it comes to the will to implement innovative ways of working.

To achieve better designs I like to learn about new materials and (digital) techniques that make a positive impact in minimising waste. Even though I am interested in trends, I prefer to design items that are timeless, long lasting and that create excitement for the one who wears it. If items are created to last short, they should have minimal impact on the environment. There is a big challenge, but trying to tackle this is what excites me. 

If you want to truly make a positive impact on the fashion industry and create beautiful items together, get in touch and we can explore how to make that happen.

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