I love innovation and I think that at the moment there are very exciting things happening that can make the world better and healthier in the long run. Blockchain technology will make any production chain more transparent and traceable, from food to fashion to art. 

 An NFT is a Non-fungible token, basically a unique piece that can't be replaced for anything else. By buying one, you own that piece of digital art and you can sell it on over time. Just as with physical art. 

NFT's that run on the Ethereum blockchain are not very eco-friendly, as it costs a lot of energy to create, buy and sell these pieces. That is why I chose Hic et Nunc, this platform uses Tezos, a different cryptovaluta that is far more sustainable than Ethereum, used by platforms such as NiftyGateway and KnownOrigin.

My digital artworks are animated pieces in .gif or .mp4 that originate from my collages, it just gives a whole new exciting dimension to them.

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