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Sustainability and repurposing materials are very important in my work and in my life. I am always looking for more innovative processes to design better. I see technology not as a limitation or an opposition to an artisanal way of working, instead I use technology to my advantage and I believe working digital can enhance my designs. 


While creating my collages is a quite analogue process, I also animate the images to give them a new dimension.


I am an expert in Adobe programmes such as photoshop and Illustrator, I also use Procreate on my iPad and I design digital in CLO3D and Blender. 

My spare time I like to spend in nature, I love going for long walks, especially in forests. I also have a passion for treasure hunting in second hand and vintage shops. 

I like to join forces with brands and people that have a genuine vision and a story to tell. I love to talk with you about creating  beautiful products with a purpose. 



Work experience

2022- currently    Owner & designer at abrunt

2015- currently    Freelance designer, AB Sustainable design, NL


2012 - 2015          Concept designer, Shiwi swimwear, Amsterdam, NL


2010 - 2012          Product designer accessories, H&M, Stockholm , SE 

2008 - 2010         Design assistant Mens department, H&M, Stockholm , SE 


2004 - 2008        ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL - BA Design

2018                        Course Fashion & Sustainability, Royal college of Fashion London & Kering


2020                      Course Circular Fashion: Design, Science and Value in a Sustainable clothing industry, Wageningen University and Research


2015                       Pissed Modernism, Edinburgh UK


2019                       Pop Up Collective, Amsterdam, NL


2020                      Pop Up Collective, Amsterdam, NL




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