Fashion Design + Art

Fashion design is about the realizations of dreams and ideas. However, in the current linear industry there are too many companies working in a wasteful and polluting way. What I draw here might have a big impact on people on the other side of this planet. As a fashion designer I love to work with innovative brands and people that want to work towards a better fashion industry.


By educating myself on sustainable and circular design I strive to make a positive impact with my designs. I also keep updated on the latest design tools and currently I am adapting to CLO3D, an amazing program to visualize designs and a way to make the design process easier, more effective and more exciting. 

On the long run we need to change the way we consume fashion. I started SALENOSALE, an initiative to re-design dull and loveless clothing purchased in the sales period. After these pieces are sold I donate the original purchase price of an item to the Clean Clothes Campaign. This way I contribute to better circumstances of workers abroad and contribute to consumer awareness. 

Do you have similar views on fashion and think we could work together? I would love to get in touch!


BA Design,

ArtEZ University of the Arts, 

Arnhem, The Netherlands


Popup Collective Amsterdam


Calvin Klein






22 Unfold